Food Safety

The role of Food Safety Quality system in Aero Angels aims to make reference to documents identified to define the requirements in order to: follow the necessary processes to identify, analyse and update food safety hazards; monitor the food production process and ensure healthy consumption; maintain processes in accordance with local and international legislation; and, prepare and serve food at safe levels.

We hold ourselves responsible to act in accordance with national laws and international standards to ensure food safety throughout all phases until food is served to our customers and employees.

Aero angels company program uses laboratory analysis more as a verification technique in order to check that the FSMS based generic health & hygiene program is working for all processed meals and raw material in order to verify that the foodstuffs are produced properly and as required unrespect of food safety and considering to prevent the possibility of any kind of hazards..

One of the most strict rules in company to ensure food safety , Aero Angels appoint high qualified Veterinary Doctors  in each unit with the competent authority for food safety practices in order to ensure the implementation, control and verification of food safety at the facility.

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