Who we are?
Aero Angels is considered one of the largest independent providers of catering and provisioning services for airlines in EGYPT. We have two decades of experience in providing tasty, nutritious, and affordable — meals for travelers. The company’s core business is to offer customers a comprehensive scope of products and services for virtually any onboard need — from innovative menu design to stylish packaging to sophisticated VIP menus. We provide more than one million meals a year to our 48 airlines customers over 4 airports in Egypt. In addition to breadth, we also have depth. We speak your language, understand your nation’s business practices, and know how to efficiently serve our clients passengers.
Our mission
We know well that passenger expectations are Constantly rising and we have a big challenge to change to meet them, not only that, but we have also to be one step ahead. So we chose Innovation to be our main course in order to do so. We are proud and prepared to innovate and succeed in obtaining customer satisfaction, as our main aim and focus is on our customers’
Our Vision
Our vision is achievement Our Dream to be the Egypt’s leading independent provider of catering and provisioning services for airlines .
Our capabilities
We have the capability to create new thought and ideas to be a better tailor products and services. Through our expertise we have developed new methods for planning, developing, management of procurement and logistics, and extended to new segments in equipment variety and types.
Our Objective & Strategy
To maintain and exceed our high service and product quality standards and to continually strive to integrate innovative ideas to the way we manage our catering company and To reflect the food quality and safety hospitality and service by ensuring that our clients spend a continuous deal at Aero Angels catering company.
Aero angels provides the highest level of airline catering safety and quality in Full accordance with all regulations, we have an absolute commitment to Keeping your passengers, crew and equipment safe With a performance Record among the very best in the industry.

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