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Aeroangels is one of the leading companies in airline catering and the management of all in-flight service related processes.

We have two decades of experience in providing tasty, nutritious, and affordable — meals for travelers.

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Still in action Cafe ( EMPC )

Still in action Cafe ( EMPC )

In order to develop the resources of Aero Angels and open new horizon  to contribute to the progress of the company and the addition of new experiences for the employees,
FlyEgypt New Destination

FlyEgypt New Destination

Aero Angels has witnessed a delightful event as Mr. Ashraf Kamal our CEO has witnessed a fascinating ceremony on Monday the 21st of November 2016 at Borg Arab International Airport

Operation Stages

  • Supplier Evaluation

    To ensure that food stuffs delivered to our operation from our suppliers meet criteria that we have set for them in order to be able to properly assess the hazards and handling practices we will need to employ in dealing with these foods.

    Supplier Evaluation
  • Receiving Process

    Promote safe receipt of products received at the catering operation premises.

    Receiving Process
  • Dry Storage

    Preserve quality of products and reduce potential contamination and spoilage.

    Dry Storage
  • Frozen Storage

    Ensure that all high risk and temperature critical foods are stored at the correct temperature throughout the food processing chain.

    Frozen Storage
  • Dispatch Section

    Receive and download booking figures, confirm orders , timing from customers and feed in the system then realize daily booking list after that prepare catering delivery note.

    Dispatch Section
  • Disinfection of Vegetables and Fruits

    Safe cleaning and disinfection of raw vegetables and fruits for preventing or minimizing physical, chemical and bacteriological hazards.

    Disinfection of Vegetables and Fruits
  • Food Preparation

    Promote safe and hygienic methods for handling and processing of foodstuffs including: Mixing, Slicing, Forming/ Yeasting (to bread), Decoration process(Fruits & Desserts).


    Food Preparation
  • Cooking Process

    Ensure that all food items which are cooked to a clearly defined safe and hygienic recipe.

    Cooking Process
  • Baking Process (for Bread)

    Ensure that all food items which are baked to a clearly defined ideal temperature and hygienic recipe.

    Baking Process (for Bread)
  • Blast Chilling

    Used appropriately the Blast Chiller ensures rapid cooling for food in short time as compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards.

    Blast Chilling
  • Packing Process

    The Aeroangels packaging process ensures that food enclosed in the package is protected from, shock, vibration, compression, temperature, bacteria, etc.

    Packing Process
  • Tray Setup

    Receive packed cold and hot meals , packed dry items to preset in tray or clean equipment then assemble in meal charts (trolley) as per catering order.

    Tray Setup
  • Laboratory Samples

    Representative samples had been taken from the foodstuffs before/ after their processing under hygienic conditions.

    Laboratory Samples
  • Assembly Area

    Assembly for ovens trolleys and other commissary items to be checked before loaded in refrigerated transportation car with yellow or white label and seal according to their sector.

    Assembly Area
  • Transportation

    Promote all food items are transported and handled at the correct temperature in its way to airport during transportation and serves of food and beverage.

  • Offloading

    Promote the best practice in respect of refuse handling, collection and storage in order to maintain good waste management.

  • Waste Disposal

    Promote the best practice for disposal of waste in respect of refuse handling and storage at less than 5◦C.

    Waste Disposal
  • Cleaning & Sanitation for Trolley / Dishes

    Promote the highest standards of both cleanliness and sanitation for all tools and utensils

    Cleaning & Sanitation for Trolley / Dishes
  • Personal Hygiene

    Promote the highest possible standards of personal hygiene practices for food handlers within the catering environment.

    Personal Hygiene
  • Training

    Apply effective and efficient internal or external trainings to meet the identified and ongoing training needs of employees.



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